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SnPb contents

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SnPb contents | 31 July, 2008

Hi guys! We just had our SnPb wave solder samples tested. However, the papers just gave us the contents and the percentage of each contents found with the sample. Does anybody know the passing range and/or paramters of the following elements: Pb, Cu, Ag, Sn.

We need the passing range, anyone?


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SnPb contents | 31 July, 2008

J-STD-006 lists maximum contamination levels for most solder alloys. This is the basis for purchasing solder.

The SOLDER BATH contamination levels in J-STD-001 are based on decades of experience. But these contamination thresholds of various metals are for those in 60/40 and 63/37 SnPb solders. IPC members reached consensus to work within those thresholds.

The industry is just beginning to collect contamination threasholds for lead-free alloys. We recall AIM Solder publishing PbF contamination thresholds a few years ago, but we are unclear of the basis for determining the level maximums.

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SnPb contents | 1 August, 2008

Where from the earth you came from my friend?? Have you not considered 3rd party analysis who are capable of complying J-STD 006 solder alloy acceptability..

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SnPb contents | 4 August, 2008

J-STD-001 Table 5-1 lists the allowable impurity levels for SnPb wave solder pots.

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