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cover tape tearing

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cover tape tearing | 30 July, 2008

In 2005, I posted a question here regarding cover tape tearing. Finally, we were able to resolve the issue and has not received any complaint since late 2006.

How we resolved it? > change of carrier tape from monolayer to trilaminate material...we found out through experimentation that the these carrier tape material when combined with a similar cover tape type would react differently even at similar taping parameters. monolayer has a stronger adhesion due to a fused effect. > the grains of the cover tape should be interlaced and not parallel > implement better process and equipment controls

Thanks to those who have contributed their ideas about this topic.

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cover tape tearing | 30 July, 2008

we aint building rockets here sister.

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cover tape tearing | 12 August, 2008

Speak for yourself there Larry. Some of us are building rockets.

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