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JUKI file

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JUKI file | 22 July, 2008


We currently use HLC for our JUKI machines and we wish to load and read the HLC file (".h6h")or a machine program in an other application. Do you know a mean or a tool for reading this kind of file?


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JUKI file | 24 July, 2008

OK , the H6H file is a binary structured file and can be read if you write a program in VB etc to extract the info you need, would take some time to sort out where to get what in the file, juki would no help you here....

Assuming you need placement list for import into other type of machine, the easist method is to print placement list to text, create a printer in your windows PC HLC is on that is a generic text. You can then read text into excel and format it.....let me know if this helps.

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JUKI file | 25 July, 2008

I will try this proceeding. Normally, if i can convert HLC file to text file, i will be able to use the informations in other application. Thank for your help.

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