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Wave solder capability study

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Wave solder capability study | 17 July, 2008

I wanted to know what other folks are doing for wave CpK studies. I thought that conveyor speed, preheat temperature, solder pot temp (never did see a large pt (>1500 lbs) vary by a couple of degrees) were standard. I thought that flux penetration into PTH barrel and solder pot immersion depth and solder pot parallelism would be also critical factors. We are using the ECD WaveRider to measure the implied solder depth and parallelism but wanted to know what other people are doing.

Also looking for Wave solder DOE citations. Haven't had any luck with googling and finding anything.

Thanks Tom

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Wave solder capability study | 17 July, 2008

Wave set-up DOE * Immersion depth [1/3 to 2/3 of board thickness] has the least impact of any variable in wave soldering. * Contact length the greatest impact. * Control flux density, time through preheaters, top side temperature as the board reaches the wave, temperature of the solder pot while the board is being soldered, time the board is over the solder pot [K Kuhlow] * Flux specific gravity, preheater temperature, conveyer speed, solder temperature * Two most important parameters are: solder temperature & dwell time * The most extensive study ever conducted on wave solder process control, involving 384 wave machines worldwide, found 76% of all wave machines running boards disparallel through the solder wave. 84% of the plants that corrected their disparallelism problem reported what they condsidered significant improvement in board quality the day the correction was made. [New Frontiers in Wave Solder Optimization: Daily Measurement of Parallelism Will Transform Your Board Quality; M Ingall, N Sasson; SMT magazine July 1998 ]

Duno what you googlified, but here's what we got:

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