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Touch-up, Inspection, Rework

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Touch-up, Inspection, Rework | 8 July, 2008

How do you position those 3 items in your process after post-reflow? Is it possible to combine them as one process step, two or three processes? I am looking at the conflict of Interest in collecting Defects data for analysis.

Can it be Touch-up as one step then Inspection and rework as another step...which is better to capture reliable data?


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Touch-up, Inspection, Rework | 9 July, 2008

Process, Process, Process....inspection of process, no touch-up, no rework. This always works better.

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Touch-up, Inspection, Rework | 9 July, 2008

I think this depends on what you are reporting as defects... I would place my inspection first, team up my Touch-up/Rework into one category.

If for any reason I need to hit a joint after leaving my oven, that to me is classified as a defect and should be reported.

Our inspection/AOI will capture this and we route the fallout back to rework.

Ulitimately I would agree with Doug though.

Dont make this a permenant process change/addition. The goal is to fix the problems and cut the fat from your product build cycle - and this includes the touchup and rework.

All the best!

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Touch-up, Inspection, Rework | 9 July, 2008

if I was going to operate that way, I'd combine Inspection/Touchup, and put rework off at another location. If you're pulling one panel out of the oven every 20 seconds, I wouldn't think you'd want to stop your line so your touchup person can perform a QFP r&r.

Obviously Doug's comment is spot on, but not everyone has the resources to iron out all the noise in their process.

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Touch-up, Inspection, Rework | 9 July, 2008

Obviously you wouldnt perform the most difficult rework tasks till last...

Sorry. I should have clarified.

We rack our units to keep good units flowing and fall out are held for rework. The line never stops. Inspection is inline and it is the decision maker that routes where the board goes good or bad.

We do have a specific station that does all board rework in our SMT area, every thing from insufficient solder, bridges, to BGA rework.

For process tracking and routing purposes... This is not the goal. For reporting defects, inspection will count and see all defects to help us improve whatever the issue may be.

It also maybe fair to say we are High Mix/Low Vol. CM - With Smaller batch sizes, we dont end up with a ton at our rework station and can put pieces back into the production stream rather quickly.


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