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Solder Fillet

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Solder Fillet | 1 July, 2008

I would like an interpretation of a solder fillet on a 5 side termination cap. (Ref: IPC-610, sec. My question pertains to the definition of dimension F, and what constitutes the top of the fillet. Does the top of the fillet end at where the wetting stops on the component termination? Or is dimension F measured from the top of the concave meniscus at the point where the wetting is on the same plane as the component termination? Fig. 8-27 seems to define the top of the wetting as dimension F. I have a dispute with a customer.

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Solder Fillet | 1 July, 2008

Fillet Height [F]. Wetting is evident on the vertical surface of the termination as the minimum fillet height.

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