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Aegis/Valor continued

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Aegis/Valor continued | 30 June, 2008

Earlier this month our organization began researching how turn our facility into a paperless manufacturing floor. The scope ended up widening into a much larger project. During our research we found 2 software companies so far that are pretty impressive and fit the bill for what we are looking for.

I need some assistance with a couple of things...

I would like to talk with anyone who has already implemented either Valor or Aegis and discuss the shortcomings,advantages, ROI, IT, reasons for the decision, blah, blah, blah. The last thing our company wants to do is invest tons of money on a software package that will yield absolutley no or little return.

We have seen WebEx demonstrations from both software companies and have been pleased. We know what the software CAN do. We would like to find out what the software CAN NOT do. I am hoping to get some response from some facilities that have put it into place and have them elaborate on problems that they have experienced with the software. A major concern of ours is how well will the software perform with mechanical and box build operations. It would seem that both companies software work great in automation or manual insertion, but it has been much harder to evaluate the effectiveness of the software towards the back end of the product build cycle.

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