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Philips/Assembleon GEM Feeders 'Sugglish'

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Philips/Assembleon GEM Feeders 'Sugglish' | 28 June, 2008

Hi We have an Eclipse and Orion Pick and place which we are familiarizing ourselves with. I have lots of feeders, but many that don't seam to act fast enough for the ORION, but I think are OK on the Eclipse. The manuals have pretty good information on feeders, repairs, and maintenance, but I am looking for any other suggestions from users experience to make them work perfectly. The new 'knockoffs' seam to be just fine. Thanks Peter

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Philips/Assembleon GEM Feeders 'Sugglish' | 30 June, 2008


Well as the feed movement is effected by means of a spring return force there really isn't that much to do apart from checking the spring tension and keeping the friction surfaces of the ratchet mechanisms of the feed sprocket and the top foil pulling wheels clean. On narrower (8 and 12 mm) feeders the shutter plate sometimes gets stuck owing to excessive friction. We mostly have problems with 24 and 32 mm feeders because the feed movement is so fast that the component tape can't quite follow which results in the tape slipping and the component pocket not being in the correct position anymore.

rgds AR

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Philips/Assembleon GEM Feeders 'Sugglish' | 2 July, 2008

If these are similar to the earlier CSM feeders, there are several things to check. The cover plate that holds the tape on the sprocket can be adjusted slightly by eccentrics to accomodate thicker tapes. It the cover is too tight, there will be binding between tape and cover. The glue holding the cover tape varies in strength. Some are so strong they tear the carrier tape apart rather than peeling, and that comes close to the available force of the feeder. Finally, they need to be lubed every once in a while, and will start to show friction when cycled by hand.


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