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5SN/1.5AG/93.5PB | 26 June, 2008

Does anyone have any experience soldering this material other than hand soldering ?

Laser soldering, point to point soldering etc..? Any type of automated processing.

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5SN/1.5AG/93.5PB | 26 June, 2008

Current Acceptable HMP Soldering Methods:

1. Wave / Selective Solder: Some Brands require upgrades to heating elements and Pot materials 2. Laser: Works well with PTH and medium/large passive SMT. Damage to PCB masking can occur when trying to solder small passives and fine pitch SMT. Hard to maintain stable Process Window and achieve Fast Throughput at the same time. 3. Robot Soldering tools: Multiple upgrades are needed to provide necessary Iron temperature and cleaning. Works as well as Laser on most PTH technologies (Cheaper but much Slower throughput). Does not perform well with tightly packed SMT components,small passives, or fine pitch devices. 4. Hand Soldering: Standard Process.... only effective way to solder fine-pitch devices.. (Costs $$$$ to find someone good)

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