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Equipment for new SMT line (MYDATA?)

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Equipment for new SMT line (MYDATA?) | 23 June, 2008

Hey guys,

My company is currently looking into developing a SMT line. I have an interesting perspective on this due to the fact that I worked a SMT line for quite a few years as an equipment operator. Now I am an engineer and at a different company and I am helping to set up the line. Currently we are looking into the following equipment: 1.) PS30 FIFO 2.) EKRA X4 Printer 3.) MYDATA MY 15E (Agilis Feeders) 4.) Technical Devices 820 Reflow Oven 5.) Precisioncoat Selective Coating System 6.) Pillarhouse Jade S series Selective Solder 7.) EMCGTI Cybercleaner (Model 6001 possibly)

From my previous experience I mostly worked with Panasonic including an MSR and MPAG3 but that wasnt from a programming and developing standpoint. Any advice, yays or neighs on the equipment listed would be appreciated.

Thanks WILL

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