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Need SMT Operator

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Need SMT Operator | 19 June, 2008

I'm looking for a qualified individual to operate Juki SMT equipment with IPC 610 soldering skills and component ID knowledge. This position is located in Minneapolis, MN.

If anyone knows of someone who fits the description please email me and I would really like to speak with him/her.

Matt Liljequist Engineering and Technical Recruiter RWJ & Associates

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Need SMT Operator | 20 June, 2008

Matt, put your posting in the career center. The link is over in the left column.

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Need SMT Operator | 20 June, 2008

I want $43.50 an hour, and 6 weeks and 1 DAY of vacation!

I will not work weekends. I will not run machines, but I will run away from real, actual work.

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Need SMT Operator | 20 June, 2008

LiSten my Consultancy Firm has branched out into all matters not just wave related but related to any type of production processees. I myself not only consult in a wavemaster soldering expert role but also am willing to work in an operator type of capcity too. 42 USD is a pretty resonnable rate. ill be honest things have been kind of slow since my re entery back on US soil. As you may have read in some of my other posts I was consulting in the far Eastern region of the world;; China to be exact. The interpreter told me that they wouldn�t be need my services anymore. Good riddance is what i say.

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Need SMT Operator | 20 June, 2008

Do you people get paid in metric? Holy Jee-ba you must make lot of money so you should try saving so these post are not as frequent as you keep posting to silly questions any way.

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