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MPM SPM problem

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MPM SPM problem | 18 June, 2008

Anybody here please help me solve the problem with my MPM SPM screen printer?

We bought a used SPM screen printer recently. When we boot up computer we got a message saying " the mouse is not responeing", and finally the system terminates the program. The trackball mouse is working well as we tried it my computer. Please help.

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MPM SPM problem | 18 June, 2008

Could it be that the board that the trackball plugs into is bad?

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MPM SPM problem | 18 June, 2008

Your useing the wrong style of mouse. Harry

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MPM SPM problem | 20 August, 2008

You should get yourself into DOS, and try to detemine if the mouse driver is loading properly. What .exe program do you have? I have an early touch screen unit which had SPM.EXE and functioned with a touch screen and no mouse. I have converted it to a mouse and monitor, and run VGASPM.EXE and now can do EVERYTHING EXCEPT PRINT! I think when you press the buttons as instructed, it is expecting a prompt from the vision system (which is not there) to continue so it hangs there. I have tried in machine options to deslect vision, but there seams to be no such ion. Peter

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