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Lead Free Prep.

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Lead Free Prep. | 11 June, 2008

We are currently completely building lead based assemblies. We are going to start doing our homework based on Management request. I have a pretty strange question that I was asked but really did not have an answer to. Can a Lead-Free assembly have a small percentage of lead in relationship to the weight of the finished product. We were thinking of building an assembly completely lead free with the exception of the wave process.

Our plan was to weigh the assmbly completely populated before and after the wave in order to get a weight of the lead solder that the wave will deposit. Is this a waste of time....

Thanks for the help.

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Lead Free Prep. | 11 June, 2008

Don't waste your time. Allowable limits are not measured using the % weight of the entire assembly.

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Lead Free Prep. | 11 June, 2008

Read the RoHS Directives 2005/95/EC what they say about % limits of lead in homogeneous part

more infos:

and see the emendment 2005/618/EC Article 1


Best Regards......GSx

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Lead Free Prep. | 12 June, 2008

Your best bet is do your homework and read all the material about lead-free. IPC home page is your best site to visit.

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Lead Free Prep. | 13 June, 2008

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

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