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Solder Paste Mixer

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Solder Paste Mixer | 4 June, 2008

Does anybody use a paste mixer in their shop? I am looking at one that uses "Psuedo-Planetary Motion" to mix and soften solder paste.

If someone answers "yes", has this benefitted your paste consistency and improved your print repeatability?

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Solder Paste Mixer | 4 June, 2008

yes and yes it has. also it has reduced the time of paste preparation after the fridge


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Solder Paste Mixer | 5 June, 2008

We have hand mixed several million grams of solder paste in the last 20 years. No problems to date.

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Solder Paste Mixer | 6 June, 2008

Ours run out of control and caght the paste on fire! I guess if you are using water type ofpaste this wood work well.

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Solder Paste Mixer | 9 June, 2008

Every paste supplier I've talked to has recommended against these things. They fear the paste will be overheated.

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