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BGA Reworking on the cheap?

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BGA Reworking on the cheap? | 12 May, 2008


I have some BGA devices, a plastic FBGA memory chip (to be replaced) and an exposed-die FBGA processor here which need reworking. I picked up an Aoyue hot air rework station ( along with the preheater ( for some other PLCC and TSOP work and I wonder if it can successfully be used to rework BGA devices as well. BGA nozzles do exist for it.

From what I've been reading, BGA devices require very specific temperature profiles which are very precisely controlled. The Aoyue station, while very inexpensive cannot control temperature with great precision.

I'm wondering if anyone could give some pointers here on whether these tools will be ok for the job.

Thank you, -Rada

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BGA Reworking on the cheap? | 12 May, 2008


there are different BGA packages, it's not same to rework LFBGA with 0.5 mm step and BGA with 1.27 mm step for instance

basically you will be able to de-solder the BGA with hot air and proper nozzle which distributes the heat even on the BGA package, your problem will be later to may place and solder the new BGA on the board

to place precisely BGA part you will need machine with split vision or some tool which to allow you to place the chip on it's board location

Best regards Tsvetan

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