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Label Printers

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Label Printers | 7 May, 2008

We have a need to print (via thermal transfer) labels with heights of <.200" with barcodes and very small font. We're currently doing this with Zebra Z4M machines that struggle to correctly register any label under .250 in height. The end result is a lot of wasted labels and print registration problems. Resolution is not a problem at 300dpi. We believe it's a problem with sensitivity of the printer's web sensor to accruately identify the edge of the label stock.

We are using BarTender label software from Seagull Scientific and thier recommended drivers.

It's obvious that we're asking too much of these printers. The question is, what printers would/should handle thin height labels? Any input appreciated.


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Label Printers | 14 May, 2008

FAQ from Electronic Imaging Materials site: I am using 0.25-inch high labels in sets of six. How do I print this label configuration using BarTender?

In BarTender, first ensure you are using the correct printer driver. Go to File Print and make sure your thermal transfer or direct thermal printer is selected in the drop down box. Set the page size to match the width of the label by the height of all six labels in the set by going to File / Page Setup � Paper. (There is a gap between each set of six labels, and it is this gap that the printer senses.) Since there are six 0.25 inch labels in the set, the page height would be set to 1.5 inches. Next, return to File / Page Setup � select Label and choose Rows. The Rows parameter must be set to 6 to signify that there are six labels in the set.

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