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Universal Advantis platform maintenance

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Universal Advantis platform maintenance | 2 May, 2008

I am looking for feedback on the Universal Advantis platform. I would like the opinions of any one who has used this system on how difficult it is to maintain. I'm interested in hearing about how much time and effort is needed to perform maintenance on the machines each year. I'd also like to hear if there are any common failures that require constant repairs. Thank you for any and all inputs.

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Universal Advantis platform maintenance | 4 May, 2008

I'm working on a regular base with Advantis. There's nothing special regarding maintenance with the machine itself, only standard greasing & cleaning each 3-4 months. An hour or two maximum.

If you have lightning head on it, it's maintenance free. If you have flexjet head, that's another story. Flexjet is a fragile peace of mechanic. You need to do some adjusments on a regular base ( monthly) The internal clutches are not lasting long and if you change it, you need to recalibrate the machine since you have to remove the head to do the job.

Easy job if your use to it but you need the calibration kit to do the placement calibration witch is recommanded after a head removal.

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Universal Advantis platform maintenance | 5 May, 2008

Thank you very much for the input. In your opinion is this enough of a problem to not recommend the flexjet head? Would you choose this machine again given the chance?

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