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RF shield clips

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RF shield clips | 1 May, 2008

We are having issues with these parts tilting to one side during reflow. Of course when they are tilted, they have to be reworked because the shield won't fit on. Changing board design and part design is not an option.... I think there are 2 reasons why they are tiliting: 1. The one side of the clip has a straight continuous edge across it, while the other side has a cut out in the middle. 2. The holes on the bottom of the clip have exposed copper on one side or the other sometimes.

Has anyone ever encountered this ?


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RF shield clips | 1 May, 2008

It sounds like this part is floating on your solder joint during reflow. You may need to redesign your pad geometry. In general with this type of clip - smaller pads are better. If you cannotcahnge pad size, try changing the openings on your stencil. This should help the same as pad resizing.

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