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QFP100 solderability

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QFP100 solderability | 15 April, 2008


We are having a problem with soldering QFP100 (16mmx16mmx1mm).

Board dimensions: 70mmx50mmx1.8. FR4 two layers � single SMT assembly. Finish: HASL-lead free Oven: 7 zones �hot air Paste: lead free

We have noticed that two groups of legs (top and bottom during moving in the oven) are very poor soldered � no-wetting or very limited. The rest of the legs are reflowed with good wetting.

Rest of the components are reflowed very well.

We have checked the reflow and the temperature is perfectly ok.

Any suggestions.?



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QFP100 solderability | 15 April, 2008

Try a new batch of Components ?

We had a similar problem a while back - it was down to the component.


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QFP100 solderability | 16 April, 2008

Have you: * Checked the solderability of the component through a test such as Dip & Look? * Checked the solderability of the board by pasting and reflowing a bare board? * Checked the quality of the solder paste print prior to component placement? * Rotated the board 90* on the reflow oven conveyor prior to reflow?

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QFP100 solderability | 17 April, 2008

Check for lead finisching

Lead Free finiscing like (e4), in case of AgPd plating you may have similar soldering problems


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