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bending CSM84 push rods

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bending CSM84 push rods | 28 March, 2008

Hello, all,

I have been having problems with bent push rods on my Philips CSM84. I have caught it a couple times when it happened, but it happens so fast I still don't know exactly what the sequence is that causes this. The push rod is clipping a feeder trip lever from the side. I am assuming the X-Y motion starts before the head and push rod has gone completely up. There is a sensor on the head, but the vane clears the sensor before it is fully raised, although it should be far enough up to clear the feeders. So, I am really having some trouble figuring out how this interference is happening. I'd adjust the sensor, but I don't see any provision for making such an adjustment.

I did have that head set to raise VERRRRY slowly so it wouldn't drop heavy PQFP chips. I think I have the vacuum leak fixed, so I have turned up the speed control on the head raise, I'll see if I have any more incidents.

I have already broken the spring-loaded plunger off one of the (rear) push rods, and don't know how many more strikes it will take before I bust the front one, so I'd really like to get to the bottom of this.

Thanks in advance for any help!

(Also, if anyone knows of a CSM or a Yamaha YM series machine that is going to be scrapped, preferrably in the US midwest, I'd sure like to know. I think the best way to get an assortment of spares is to buy a machine that is not completely operational anymore.)


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