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OSP | 26 March, 2008

hi folks, i have a question....does anyone knows a method for OSP measurements? well we have some troubles with a non-wetting process. we think that the copper is oxidiezed. There is a chemical test for "measuring" the osp when u count the seconds until a chemical compound atacks the OSP. lowww. Any ideea? tks

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OSP | 27 March, 2008

Search the SMTnet Archives for threads like: where J Medernach says, "Make sure your supplier uses some sort of process control of coating thickness. If they don't have a photospectrometer or other type of measurement device for film thickness analysis, DO NOT USE THEM." Alternately, just run a spare or scrap board through your process without components.

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OSP | 2 April, 2008

See if you can find someone with an XRF machine or talk to your Current Board house they probably have this equiptment if they run ENIG or Silver finishes. I would stop in with some boards your having issues with and have them measure the thickness.

x-ray fluorescence (XRF). This non-intrusive, nondestructive measurement method has been used in electronics manufacturing for years, primarily to measure the composition and thickness of surface platings and coatings.

Regards, Boardhouse

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