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AOI | 14 March, 2008

>I had someone suggest that they weren't really necessary >as long as your process is good. Is this just a way to >help you keep an eye on your process?

>I was thinking, as we set up our line, our money would be >more well spent with controlling the process such as on >UPC system.

>Have an opinion?


It is true that you should rely heavily on your process to "weed out" most defects. However, it depends primarily on the mix of products that you are building and the quantity. Our company uses high mix/high run lots. In combination with this, we use a Siemans auto-insertion line, S20s and an F4, which requires a long change over. We're only human and we make mistakes. Which is the primary reason we purchased our AOI system. The benefits are obvious based on the number of issues we have already caught early in the process which translates to dollars when you factor in the amount of rework involved from these types of errors. For low mix/low run production lines, this may not be such an issue.


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