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In your experience, do your customers care....

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In your experience, do your customers care.... | 13 March, 2008

about WHY violating IPC design standards gives you grief? Do they even know they exist?

We've got one in particular that seems to shoot from the hip. I want to tell them the "why" as well as the "what" so they'll be a little more proactive.

My feeling is that it's purely an indivicual basis thing and if they're worth a crap they'll care. Pie in the sky? Wishful thinking?

FWIW, the guy that did this board has already apologized profusely for some of the issues (placement data missing about 30 parts that were on the BOM, repeated Ref. Des values), etc., so I think he at least cares a little. I haven't talked to him about the screwed up QFP footprint, solder mask defined QFP lands and misregistered solder mask yet, though.

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In your experience, do your customers care.... | 13 March, 2008

IPC design standards ???

hahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!

99% of our customers could care less, let alone WHAT IPC design standards are, and WHY.

Tell a design engineer ? hahahahahahahaha !!!!

You'll might bruise there fragile little ego....


Tell the BOSS ?? hahahahahahahahha !!!!

The BOSS don't give a sh*t either about IPC.


I feel yer pain......

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In your experience, do your customers care.... | 13 March, 2008

The only time the customer is going to care about the standards is when it costs them money. Unsophisticated customers will continue the practice of providing little or no useful information, poorly designed boards and ridiculous mods until there is a cost involved. But if your like the rest of us the boss has no idea what it takes to process these mickey mouse boards, just what he/she believes the profit will be. We have all heard "this is the only time we will build this one the new spin is coming" but the new spin never takes into account our DFM or other requests. This is a failing of the boss/sales/customer, yes the three people who are always right. I work in an OEM/CM and one of our "engineers" provided us with a dual footprint dip24 and SMD, yep plated through holes in the middle of the SMT pads, if our coworkers will give of this peice of kit why shouldn't the outside customers.

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In your experience, do your customers care.... | 14 March, 2008

I agree. The only way to make them care is to show them how it effects their pocket book. If you don't charge them they will continue not caring. If you do charge them you risk hurting their feelings and making them look bad in front of their bosses and potentially lose them to a competitor. I know you have to suck up some cr@p from customers sometimes to keep in good standing, but if it is constantly costing you labor hours..that's where I would draw the line. Charge em'.

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In your experience, do your customers care.... | 18 March, 2008

Completely agreed. That is what the DFM is for. It gives you, the contract manufacturer, the opportunity to describe what you find to be the trouble areas for manufacturability. Given that, you are able to make them acknowledge that if they choose not to address the issues and those issues do indeed cause problems in manufacturing....they will be looking at a cost adjustment to account for the increased labor and other costs.

Many customers don't care, that's true. That's why IPC and DFM exist. GMP is the key to success for CMs.

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