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CP42 Camera Problem

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CP42 Camera Problem | 3 March, 2008

The problem was first noticed while doing a nozzle center. The wide angle camera would not display an image. After rebooting the machine (sometimes it took several tries) the camera would work. A few months later, the wide camera would not boot at all. The only way I could get it to work was swapping the cables on the cameras, back and forth, while trying to pull a live image from the Proper menu. Eventually both cameras would start working. Currently, the wide view camera is not displaying an image.

What we�ve done: The 4400 card has a connector that comes out of the com2 port. It splits into 2 connectors that go to the wide and narrow cameras. Swapping these cables reverses the problem. The narrow camera stops working and the wide view works. I figured that the wide camera was not the problem then� The connector coming out of Com1 goes to the fiducial camera. I tried connecting the wide camera output (from com2) into the fiducial cable and I did not get an image. I tried again using the narrow camera output from com2 into the fiducial camera and it displayed an image. This suggested to me that it was a bad cable or a bad connector. I swapped the cables on the wide and narrow cameras inside the machine and then swapped them where they come off of the 4400 card. The problem was still the same; no image on the wide camera. I thought this ruled out the cables. I tried swapping the connectors out of the 4400 card and the problem did not change. I ordered a used camera for troubleshooting and I was still unable to receive an image on the wide camera. We swapped the 4400 card for one out of a working IP3 and the problem stayed exactly the same. We replaced the CPU card and the problem did not change. We replaced the SCSI card and cable and the problem did not change.

I�ve checked all the power supplies in the VME box and they are all reading the correct voltages. I also checked the voltages from the backplane connectors.

Lastly, I removed all the cards in the VME rack and removed the backplane PCB itself. I checked the jumpers on the cards and used compressed air to blow out all the connectors and pins on everything. I�ve inspected all the connections, solder joints and traces on the backplane and VP card. Everything looks great. When this was complete, I powered up the machine and neither the wide or the narrow view camera would display an image. After cycling the power we are back to our original problem. The wide camera will not display an image.

Any ideas or questions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Dax

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CP42 Camera Problem | 3 March, 2008


Jeeze...just after I posted this question I got the machine working. Someone had removed the cable for the wide camera and connected it into one of the ports that is unused. I noticed this when looking at the schematic. The cables had also been marked, incorrectly, which added to our confusion. Following the schematic corrected this problem. However, I think we were having camera issues before the cables got swapped so I assume something will happen again. If so, I'll probably need yer help.



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