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Tribol 1421/SG

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Tribol 1421/SG | 22 February, 2008

I have been searching for a compatible high temp chain oil other than Tribol 1421/SG due to cost cutting, which is what electrovert is recommending. I was wondering if anybody can tell me beside Tribol 1421/SG. What other brand out there that is come close to being the same as far as characteristic of it? Help would be highly appreciated, thank you.

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Tribol 1421/SG | 25 February, 2008

It's still expensive if you buy it from Castrol ?

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Tribol 1421/SG | 27 February, 2008

Turmofluid 40b by lubcon, recommended by soltec, works well, no odors.

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Tribol 1421/SG | 27 February, 2008

Castrol will not sell direct.

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Tribol 1421/SG | 28 February, 2008

The temperature range of Turmofluid 40b is not sufficient for PB free temps.

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Tribol 1421/SG | 18 July, 2008

Dear friend seth,

I have found a link where you can find what are you looking for.


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