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Squeegee replacement

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Squeegee replacement | 31 January, 2008

What is recommended for Squeegee replacement besides visual. Is it some many squeegee strokes?

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Squeegee replacement | 1 February, 2008

When it quits printing correctly.... replace it.

No, it is not after a certain number of squeegee strokes. The only way that could possibly be calculated is if your squeegee blade parameters never varied.

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Squeegee replacement | 2 February, 2008

We agree with Se�or Tech. We feel that it's more important to monitor the contact area of the squeege for bending, dings, and whatnot that could damage the stencil than counting print stokes.

Just the same, ya just have to love those clueless quality types that come-up with questions like this, don't you?

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Squeegee replacement | 2 February, 2008

I'm sure that somewhere, some medical device manufacturer has a very proud QE with his name on 10 pages of FMEA docs describing just what catastrophic failues might occur if the blade wears out. Of course he'll leave it to the process guys to determine exactly when that occurs and what variables must be tracked in order to accurately predict it.

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Squeegee replacement | 4 February, 2008

QEs. You gotta love them. They live in a fantasy world of charts, graphs, and meaningless statistics.

In most companies, they're part of the problem....and not the solution.

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