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BGA Inspection Criteria (IPC-7095)

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BGA Inspection Criteria (IPC-7095) | 23 January, 2008

Hi ppl,

i just joined my company as a quality engineer and was revising our incoming visual inspection. I was reading the IPC guidelines of IPC-7095. However, i have some problems which i hope the experts from this forum could help.

IPC-7095: At one section, it stated that for BGA package acceptance criteria and shipping format, it require to check ball size and shape however, there is no elaboration on it. My question is: 1)Can i interpret to check for ball diameter for ball size? 2)For ball shape, itself what do we check? Is it deformity of the ball? If so, how to quantify deformity? 3)For ball deformity, will there is an issue to short circuit ? One on my suppiler say it is not an issue as the solder will be reflow later, isit correct?

For my BGA incoming visual inspection of BGA components, i included inspection of 1)Ball diameter 2)Ball coplanarity 3)Ball Pitch 4)Package stand-off height, mounting height, flatness Is it similar to those used in the industry?

Please help to advise on the above questions and will welcome any feedback.

Thank you :)

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BGA Inspection Criteria (IPC-7095) | 24 January, 2008 there really no people who can advise me?

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