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Solder Joints

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Solder Joints | 16 January, 2008


If I have an assembly where the solder joints are suffering from blowholes and Pinholes. Could these solderjoints be reworked/touched up to form a reliable/acceptable solderjoints ?

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Solder Joints | 16 January, 2008

In general, they certainly can be touched-up. I don't know of a CM yet that doesn't use a touch up step of some description.

However, you'll want to be looking at the process to try and determine what is causing the pin holes and blow holes, and trying to correct the problem. Touch-up fixes the problem after it occurs, but shouldn't be the final corrective action (unless all other avenues have been explored).

cheers ..rob

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Solder Joints | 16 January, 2008

As Rob says, blowholes and pinholes are process indicators. Reworking them most likely makes the solder connection less reliable, because it is very difficult to heat the solder connection properly.

Shrewd rework-types "paint" solder over these open voids with their irons to make things appear to be "nice".

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