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QP341 production data collection

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QP341 production data collection | 7 January, 2008

We have a Fuji QP341 machine and would like to connect to the GEM port and collect production data. We are unable to connect to the standard port 5000. I assume this is because the controller is connected to it. Does anyone have any experience with connecting to the GEM port on Fuji equipment. Is it possible to disable the controller from making a GEM connection? If so, does this prevent the controller from sending recipes to the machine? Any info on this would be appreciated.

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QP341 production data collection | 11 January, 2008

Do you have your own data caputure software ? Check out VManage from Valor if you do not. They have machine monitoring solutions for most FUJI equipment QP351 I would say would be covered. Even the latesr machines are coverd from Fuji...

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QP341 production data collection | 11 January, 2008

Thanks for the reply.

We have software. It just won't connect when the Fuji controller (Flexa) is powered on. It appears that the controller ties up the GEM port. We were wondering if there is something that needs to be reconfigured or shutdown on the controller to allow our software to connect. The Fuji documentation does not cover this.

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