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Laser soldering LED's

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Laser soldering LED's | 4 January, 2008

Does anyone have experience with automated Laser soldering equipment for SMT LED's? I have checked previous posts and did not find anything dealing with actual LED's. Most laser systems are set up for through hole and solder from the bottom of board. I need to solder from top. PMJ may have something but looks more like a SMT rework machine. This will be high volume and needs to be as fast as is possible with point to point soldering.


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Laser soldering LED's | 7 January, 2008

I have seen the application with hot-bar soldering machines for SOT 23 LED packages. I could not find any of the machines in my search that specially state SOT 23 packages, but you might want to check with these guys:

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Laser soldering LED's | 7 January, 2008

OK, I'll venture to ask..... why not use a reflow oven. Not as cool as lasers, but just as effective.

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Laser soldering LED's | 7 January, 2008

I agree with Chunks! Why consider laser sodlering when u can reflow!

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Laser soldering LED's | 7 January, 2008

The clear plastic packaging for LEDs is a LOT softer thermoplastic than the thermoset epoxies used on ordinary chips. I think people have had high failure rates when reflowing LEDs in all-plastic packages even at SnPb temperatures, and much worse at Pb-free. There are more expensive ceramic-back packages available that are supposed to take the heat without failure (I'm assuming the plastic packages melt enough the bonding wires break).


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Laser soldering LED's | 9 January, 2008

I solder LEDs everyday from 0402 sizes on up. I work for an optical company so every product I make has LEDs. Some products have hundreds of LEDs per circuit. The problem is that clear materials are not filled materials and thus don't have the advantages of those material used in standard transfer molded lead frame devices. Packaged LEDs are heat sensitive as well as moisture sensitive. I have had some problems with failure of packaged LEDs but not too much trouble actually considering the volume of LED use. Some of these issues were related to lead free assembly with as much as 10% fallout on one particular component that was an SMT Ethernet jack with send and receive LEDs.

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Laser soldering LED's | 11 January, 2008

We have 30 years of soldernig experience, 25 years in soldering robotics, and have had laser based systems for a few years now.

I'm not sure you need a laser for this application. It's really going to depend on whether or not an iron tip can get in the right place without touching the plastics. Since both the iron tip and laser systems offer very focused heat, you won't have the same issues as you will with the other soldering techniques.

Please contact me if you want to discuss further.

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Laser soldering LED's | 14 January, 2008

Can you tell me what LED's you are wanting to use and what size panel you will be putting them on? What kind of parts per hour placement to you want. I have a very fast and accurate hot bar solder system that may meet your application. It maybe used for up to 39"x78" panel with an x,y,z precision robot soldering is 1500 cph to 30k cph Accuracy is 4 microns no lead process ready can I send you some more information? Best regards,

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Laser soldering LED's | 18 January, 2008

The reason we are using laser rather reflow is because the Osram Golden Dragon part my customer needs to use is not rated for reflow. I would prefer to stay away from hot bar as there is maintanance required on the tips, Unitek had a pretty sweet machine set up for hot bar to do the original Lumiled products that could not be reflowed. Larry, I would still be interested in more info and for any other potential vendor, please contact me at

Does not sound like anyone on here is doing this at this time but thanks for all the feedback.


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Laser soldering LED's | 18 January, 2008

Craig, I know just what you are looking for as we run product that is very similar to what you are talking about. Currently we have a in-house made soldering robot the we are using to solder the LED's on with. There is a company called PROMATION that has both laser and soldering robots that are very intersting and fast. Their web adress is They will make custom applications that fit exactly what you are looking for. Thanks John

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Laser soldering LED's | 8 February, 2008


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