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Prifiling Board life cycle

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Prifiling Board life cycle | 24 December, 2007

I'm shadowing an old posting posted by Odor back in March 2002. Any Expert out there, if you have good answer to the below questions, please dive in...Thanks in advance.

1) Does anybody have done the profiling board life time experiment? 2) The profiling board seem to deteriorate very fast. It hard to verify that the deviation of temperature profile came from furnace itself or from deterioration of profile board.


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Profiling Board life cycle | 27 December, 2007

Hey guys and gals: Didn't we have a thread on a topic similar to this recently? Didn't someone from one of the profiler supplier companies post the results of some study that they performed? We can't find it in the fine SMTnet Archives. Unfortunately, we took no notes on the thread and so, can't find it.

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Prifiling Board life cycle | 4 January, 2008

Hello, I am Philip Kazmierowicz and I work with KIC, a Thermal Profiling company. We have done many lifetime experiments on Printed Circuit Boards over the years. The key thing to understand is that if the primary material of the board in FR4 fiberglass, this material has what is called a "Glass Transition Temperature" which is well below the peak temperature during a reflow profile (leaded paste or unleaded). When the board is above the glass transiition temperature it dries out and actually gets lighter. We found that the a given board can give different results after as few as five runs through the oven. What I suggest you do is weigh your profiling board and compare it to a fresh board that has only been through the oven once. Be sure and hold the thermocouples in the air so that they are not being included in the weight of the board. If the profiled board has lost more than 5% of it's weight, you may want to switch to a new board. If it has lost more than 10%, you need to switch to a new board for sure. PCK

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Prifiling Board life cycle | 4 January, 2008

If all your doing is trying to measure oven repeatability, but then you wanna do it a bunch of times, have a profiling "board" constructed out of say... delmat, delrin, or some other glastic-type pallet material.

Have the T/C's permanently fastened to it, and voila...there you have it...your profiler which will not lose thermal mass after thousands of heat cycles.

I believe ECD makes such a device for thousands of $$$'s. They call it the OvenRIDER.

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