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GSM feeder O-ring size?

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GSM feeder O-ring size? | 20 December, 2007

Hi All

does anyone know the size of the o-ring on the front coupling on the GSM feeders?

I know I can get them from UIC, but maybe there is a size I can buy in bulk to maintain my feeders.


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GSM feeder O-ring size? | 21 December, 2007

Measure the O-ring if you are able to get to it and take the specs to any industrial supply shop, online or otherwise, and see what their price is. I repair Fuji feeders, so I cannot really help on the size but that is how I get the O-rings for my feeders.

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GSM feeder O-ring size? | 22 December, 2007

How many do you need? I purchased 800 size 3x1 for our GSM feeders 2 years ago and still have enough to repair for years to come!

Its Xmas and I'm in the spirit... send me your mailing address and I'll send you about 50 for free.

Kevin Mail back At

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