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Component ID Resources

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Component ID Resources | 18 December, 2007

I am looking for a basic guide to SMT components. Does anyone know somewhere that I could could get parts with description and a picture?

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Component ID Resources | 18 December, 2007

Try TopLine Dummy Components.

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Component ID Resources | 18 December, 2007

isn't that the yellow, black and white books you see at borders books, etc. "Components for Dummies"?

check ebay

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Component ID Resources | 19 December, 2007

Hey Logan, This is an excellent resourse and should have pretty much everything you need.

You get a list of a lot of different components and their pictures. You can view their dimensions and look up their JEDEC MO number, mec. drawings, ect.. There is also some useful information on wikipedia at:

What is the purpose of seeking this information? are you working on a parts database for pick and place equipment?

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Component ID Resources | 21 December, 2007

Thank you for the responses. I am doing this to get a better understanding of the parts and packages at the plant I work at. We do not have a 'dummy' guide here and it seems that except for the test when you get hired in, for some positions you do not need to have component knowledge. I am in one of those positions. I repair the feeders. I have a understanding what the processes and parts are, but I seem to have a lack of knowledge when it comes to IDing some parts. There is nothing more fun than looking at a board and not knowing what the name of half the parts are. I am just looking for a package ID guide or something along that line. I know that IPC offers something, but I would think I would be able to find more than that with the access I have to the internet at work.

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