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BGA soldering

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BGA soldering | 18 December, 2007

Hi all,

How can I convince my equipment purchasing supervisors that to properly solder BGA's a 7 zone oven would be far superior than a four zone? We currently own a 4 zone oven and I'm fearful that the BGA will not get adequate heat for solderability sake. The 4 zone is too short. Any thoughts on this? Any suggestions on equipment? Thanks to all who reply and Happy Holidays to all who mount!!

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BGA soldering | 18 December, 2007


Any reflow oven sales guy would be happy to help you with a snazzy sales pitch. I also had some info from paste manufacturers when I pitched it to my boss.

Essentially, I believe, it comes down to control. You may be able to get a 4-zone hot enough to reflow; but with a 7+ zone, you have better control of the heat ramp. When your 4-zone is hot enough to flow the BGA, there's a potential for damage to other components on the board that were spiked too quickly.

We also wanted our 8-zone for lead-free processing. Again, a matter of control (and a matter of having a newer oven that was rated to high enough temperatures to reflow lead-free solder).

I've got a Heller 8-zone, and am pretty happy with it. Vitronics makes a pretty good oven, too, from what I've been told.

Good luck! ..rob

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BGA soldering | 18 December, 2007

Drill a hole through the board (or the BGA) and set a thermocouple into the center of the device (in the X Y and Z dimensions) and run your profiler through the oven until you get the temp you need in the center of the BGA. Attach a second thermocouple on the surface of the board which has the least amount of thermal mass and record that data also. Look up and document all the reasons we Engineers look at TAL, Delta T, Slope, TGA etc, and explain why the disparity between the two devices is detrimental, or even if you can get a good profile, why running the oven at 2 inches per minute (a hypothetical number!) is detrimental to putting out more than 20 boards a day....

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