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ESD ID badges

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ESD ID badges | 14 December, 2007

We are trying to find an ESD safe laminate to make ID badges that we can scan bar codes through. Anyone using anything like that?


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ESD ID badges | 20 December, 2007

I haven't specifically heard of any laminate material that is ESD safe...but I haven't really researched it a whole lot. However, our "ESD" guy found a spray on substance that protects from ESD. We use it for all the plastic garbage cans at our facility. The only downside is that it doesn't last long, so you have to test and re-apply. I'm not sure if it's suitable for your application, but it may be something to look into. I can get you the manufacturer of the spray if you like.

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ESD ID badges | 20 December, 2007

We have never seen an ID badge that was not a static generator. We certainly wouldn't want to see a typical ID badge within a couple feet of a circuit board. How would you use these ESD-safe badges?

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ESD ID badges | 24 December, 2007

Desco sells a strap monitoring system [50430 - SMARTLOG X3, 120V, DUAL FT PL, KEYPAD, BC READER, SOFTWARE, $2861.25] that provides for using of a barcode scanner to enter employee ID. Maybe they can give you a lead on ESD safe ID cards.

We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

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ESD ID badges | 26 December, 2007

Krikies, you and Earl get no benefit, eh? :-)

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ESD ID badges | 26 December, 2007

Paulo: And your supposed benefit that I receive is what? What basis do you have to call me a liar?

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ESD ID badges | 6 January, 2008


Just put the ID Badge on a EDS-Safe carrier.

From "All-Spec" catalog: #1196-3722 - Personnel Badge Holder Clear Dissipative 3.75"x2.25" 6mil with Clip

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ESD ID badges | 9 January, 2008

Something here may work also:

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