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SPC Plus

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SPC Plus | 4 December, 2007

Who of the forum people is working with SPC Plus? Which people have problems with it en who's have tips for the users of SPC Plus?

I'm working with it also 1 year, Its only friendly for statitistics, and when you are check a print, you can earlier response when there is a problem with a component.

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SPC Plus | 10 January, 2008

Is there nobody who's working with SPC Plus, or maybe any other program?

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SPC Plus | 19 January, 2008

I'm not familiar with SPC Plus. I'll assume it's a "statical process control" system. We use the SPC data collected by our YesTech AOI system, together with a custom, web-based reporting system for process analysis and defect reporting. I am actually the one who wrote the system, based on one of my earlier projects. So far it has helped us cut down on some of the high-runners in defects, problematic part numbers, locations, and packages on specific assemblies. I do believe YesTech has a few reports pre-made as part of their Access database used for SPC data logging, but if you have as much data as we do, you'll find that Access can be a hard time to say the least.

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