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Amkor Fusion Quad

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Amkor Fusion Quad | 30 November, 2007

Does anyone have any experience with the Amkor Fusion Quad package? I'm wondering about the coverage of the heatsink slug and it floating the interior leadless terminations apart.

Any designers have any experience escape routing the underpart/interior terminations?

This package has been floated up to us as a possiblity.

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Amkor Fusion Quad | 19 December, 2007

Can you physically describe the package or provide a picture? Thanks!

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Amkor Fusion Quad | 20 December, 2007

It's like a QFN with a set of QFP leads around the outside.

Looks like a lot of opportunities for problems to me, but folks may have used it, or folks who have totally dialed in QFNs may have ideas.

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Amkor Fusion Quad | 21 December, 2007

Wouldn't it be easier to use a dual row QFN?

Have you looked at tsCSP? I think that would be a good options also since it has multiple rows.

I am also curious if the tsCSP is just the BCC reborn - any thoughts?

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Amkor Fusion Quad | 22 January, 2008

Good morning,

Amkor has just posted the data sheet for the FusionQuad on their website. The link is below:

FusionQuad webpage:

FusionQuad Data Sheet

FusionQuad� Test Contactor Data Sheet

The tsCSP Data Sheet from Amkor is below:


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Amkor Fusion Quad | 31 January, 2008

Wow, they claim 1000 cycles of -65 to 150. I wonder if this was done with the 24mm part. With those tiny joints underneath, they must have exactly matched CTE's with their test boards.

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Amkor Fusion Quad | 1 February, 2008

Any chance you will try this out?

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Amkor Fusion Quad | 11 February, 2008

Amkor must be really pushing this. Two different ASIC suppliers are proposing it. Looks like if I can't say there is a known problem, we'll get it.

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