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Juky 570L or Mark IVc

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Juky 570L or Mark IVc | 21 November, 2007

We have been looking for an old machine (budget issues), and we have foud Juki 570L and Quad IVc to be around same cost. I have found some comments on the forum for the Quad (good in general), but not too much for the Juki. Beside the expected issues about a 10+ years used machine any feedback about those machines will help us. Is there a way to search on past topics on the forum? The search seems to be working just for last 15 days.

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Juky 570L or Mark IVc | 28 November, 2007

Try serarching under Zevatech 570 instead. Or contact me for some alternatives (factory rebuilt machines available). Greg

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Juky 570L or Mark IVc | 28 November, 2007

One more concern is "consumables" like nozzles, chuck jaws, etc. On some machines these parts wear rapidly and need frequent replacement, or are very easily damaged and need replacement after even the most minor crashes like a dropped component laying on the feeder. That could add up.

I don't have real broad experience, but have been running a well-used Philips CSM84 (identical to Yamaha YM84) and have found it to be amazingly bulletproof and rugged. I expect with the low use I give it, that these items may well last me 10+ years.


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