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pick & place

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pick & place | 20 November, 2007

hello everyone....

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JUKI vs I-PULSE vs MYDATA | 21 November, 2007


You may want to be more specific whereas each of those companies produce different machines. You have basic introductory machines, and high-end machines. Some provide faster speeds, some provide a wider range of component handling.

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JUKI vs I-PULSE vs MYDATA | 23 November, 2007

Always base your decision based on the need, rather than mearly comparing the specificaiton. The specifications are only indicator and not true performance for a specific application. Mydata and their agilis are good for high mix medium volume production from proto to Small batch size. For High speed, high volume you can look Fuji, Assembleon etc., See the demo of the system with your board and make decision

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