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Some more news from the RoHS nuthouse

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Some more news from the RoHS nuthouse | 6 November, 2007

ERA to support industry on new reviews of all RoHS exemptions and addition of new substances

Below the part from the article related to lead in solders.

�The whole life cycles of substances should be considered and lead in solders provides a good example of why. Lead is clearly a toxic material but a full life cycle assessment comparing tin/lead solders with lead-free solders carried out by the US EPA showed that the lead-free alternatives were not better (or worse) but different and overall provide no benefit to the environment, especially if lead is adequately controlled. The results of this LCA are not enough to allow an exemption for lead in solders now that lead is restricted by RoHS but would have been substantive evidence when the restriction of lead under RoHS was first considered�.

Full article here:

Aren�t they clearly saying they didn�t do their home work before banning lead in solders?

Isn�t this clear evidence that nothing would hold up in court?

Someone needs to get a full mental evaluation.

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