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Inspection Equipment

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Inspection Equipment | 1 November, 2007

Anyone using or have used a handheld endoscope such as the BGA100 offered by SMT Tools is offering?

I saw one this week at NEPCON, and am considering at least demoing the item to see how it would work in our process. Anyone have any opinions on this type of inspection equipment?

Thanks, ..rob

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Inspection Equipment | 1 November, 2007

We have the BGA100 tool. It has its uses. Its nice to see if the balls on a BGA have collapsed and reflowed properly. At the same time though you can only see the balls around the edge of the BGA. It can also be dificult to position the device to see the balls if you have other components close to your BGA's. If you're not careful the edge of your viewing crystals are very easy to damage and make all that much more difficult to see anything. We have a micro BGA where the balls are not right out to the edge of the component and you can't see anything at all with this device.

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