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Problem with YAMAHA 84S

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Problem with YAMAHA 84S | 31 October, 2007

Hello All, We have problem with one from our YAMAHA SMT mounter. It had weard defect. It gives error message"soft limit X over" when next step must pick up with head3. But all coordinat for next component do not exeed movable range. This failure happens not every time but often.If we laud programm again from floppy, mounter could sometime work, but then failure happens again. If we do not use head 3 mounter works exelent. Could somebody explaine such error? Thank and best regards Peter

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Problem with YAMAHA 84S | 1 November, 2007

I think the Yamaha 84S is very similar to my Philips CSM84. head 3 cannot reach all the feeder locations. I believe feeder locations 1-3 on the front rail, and is it 41-43 on the back rail (the first 3 again) are out of range for the X axis to move that far. So, if you are going that far over, you can exceed the -X travel limit. Also, your dump bucket location needs to be within reach of all 3 heads.

it is not the MOUNTING location of the component on the board that is the problem, it is the feeder location, since you say it happens when it tries to pick up the part. The "soft limit" means the computer KNOWS it can't go that far, so it doesn't even try.


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Problem with YAMAHA 84S | 2 November, 2007

Dear Jon You are right Our dump bucket location was without reach 3 head. We rectified this position and now mounter works OK Thank you Peter

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Problem with YAMAHA 84S | 5 November, 2007

Well, that was a bit of a lucky guess. There are a number of things that can cause that message, and the programmer of the system DID have enough information to make the error message a LOT more specific if he'd wanted to. When machines cost what these things originally did, they really could have taken the trouble to make error messages as specific as possible.


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