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Need help for Vitronix oven

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Need help for Vitronix oven | 19 October, 2007

We crashed the hard disk on an old Unitherm 2.

Anybody having a copy of the firmware ?

It's an old DOS firmware.

Thanks for your time

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Need help for Vitronix oven | 24 October, 2007

Good luck with that Marcel. Vitronics won't be able to help you, as I'm sure you already know. When ours started dying off a few years ago I retrofitted about a dozen of our ovens to the Windows control program. This is very simple to do, and if you supply your own PC and do the rework to the control board yourself (consists of a couple of etch cuts, wire-adds and swapping an eprom), it will be very inexpensive. They'll provide precise directions on what to do. I suggest using this opportunity to upgrade. You'll be glad you did, as the newer interface, etc is much preferred. There's even an import/conversion utility to bring in your old profiles if necessary.

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