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Air-Vac DRS24-25

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Air-Vac DRS24-25 | 18 October, 2007


Anyone have the DRS25 rework machine and use it for lead free BGA's?

Anyone upgraded their DRS24 to a DRS25?

We may pay to upgrade our 24 to a 25 to improve our Lead Free BGA rework process.

Thanks, Rob

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Air-Vac DRS24-25 | 19 October, 2007

We have both DRS24 and DRS25

Lead Free rework is done for the most part on the DRS25, although the DRS24 can handle some of our smaller pbFree assemblies.

We bought the DRS25 machine new, it was not an upgrade. The machine is very successful at pbFree BGA repairs, though somewhat different in its heating characteristics compared to the DRS24.


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