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.030 | 17 October, 2007

Does anyone know of any stencil houses in the U.S. that offer .030" staineless foils ?


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.030 | 17 October, 2007

.030 Inch? Are you sure? I seriously doubt .030" stainless foil can be etched with any usable result. Do you mean .003" or .030 mm (pretty thin).

I've been using .005" brass shim stock, but I am going to .003" now, but I know there are companies that make stainless shim stock, also.


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.030 | 18 October, 2007

Yup... I do indeed need a .030" foil. It is for a special adhesive printing application.

And FYI I did find stencil houses that will do .030 foils.


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.030 | 18 October, 2007

Good afternoon,

What application? I might help since have some experience and knowledge in adhesive printing.

BR, Pavel

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.030 | 18 October, 2007

We are printing adhesive where a through hole DIP goes. I think we have it under control. We too have quite a bit of experience when it comes to printing adhesive

Thank you for the offer..

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.030 | 19 October, 2007

I just looked in my MSC Industrial catalog and they have coils of shim stock which would be a hard temper in .031 thickness on Pg.1770. Also stainless sheets of cold drawn material .03 thick on page 1791.

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.030 | 23 October, 2007

Stentech offers 0.030" foils as well. I had them quote some custom fixtures laser cut from 0.030" foil.

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