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CSM VIII Bearing

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CSM VIII Bearing | 16 October, 2007

I have a V III that has a bad "Y" axis Bearing, it is different from the CSM 84 /V/VZ machines "It has dual bearing races on each side", Anybody have one for sale or a part number Philips list the machine as an "END OF LIFE" machine and support is limmmited so paying to register it seems like a bit of a gamble. but with out registration I cant get the part number or find out if its a stock item or not offered any more!

Any help is appreciated. Bruce

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CSM VIII Bearing | 16 October, 2007

Geez, what a great company! Somebody paid them $100K for that machine, now you have to pay up front just to find out if they have a part IN STOCK???? That's pretty shocking!

You may just have to take the bearing off the machine. I'd guess it is a TDK part, with a little luck it has the part number on the bearing unit. You might also examine the guideway rail with a good light, it may have a part number visible somewhere along the track. With the part # of the rail, you can probably locate a part # for the slider. Fortunately, outfits like TDK don't obsolete stuff as fast as the electronics industry.

Hmm, the guy who sold me my machine scrapped out a CSM66 III, he might still have the linear bearings.


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CSM VIII Bearing | 16 October, 2007

Oh, heh heh, I DO have the manuals for the III series of machines, including the spare parts manual. Maybe I can scan the detail of the drawing in question, and see if that looks like your machine. I can also get the exact model number range that manual corresponds to, to make sure these are the right spare parts pages. Then, you could get a price/availability from Assembleon, hopefully without paying up front, then to be told they don't have any left!

What you are looking for is the linear bearing sliders that hold the gantry on the twin tracks at the left and right side of the machine?

If so, two sliders and one rail appear to be listed as a single part (makes some sense). Left rail is "service code" 12NC5322 463 41152 for CSM 66 III and ends with 41154 for CSM 84 and 84V III. The right side rail is 12NC5322 463 41151 for a CSM 66 III and ends with 41153 for the CSM 84 and 84 V III. These ain't going to be cheap!

This manual applies to types PA1306/40 /50 and /60, or CSM 66 Mk III, CDM 84 Mk III and CSM 84V Mk III, respectively.


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CSM VIII Bearing | 17 October, 2007

Jon, I looked it up woth NSK thats the name on it. A rep had to talk to the factory and found out it's a discontinued part.

simular bearing sell between $ 80.00 and $120.00

some sell as sets two bearing and one slide , some sell just bearing,

NSK since last friday has been looking for a new model that will work "form / fit / function " but I havent heard from them yet.

the CSM 84 that I cant get running has smaller bearing with only one race on each side of them. The VIII is just bigger and more heavy duty. I am checking with people I know that run the GEM series machines as they may have the same bearing in them!

My V-III has the PA 130660 number but there is a huge difference between the 84 and 84 V-III bearing.

Assemblion what do any technical with out registering the machine so If I order the wrong part it's mine!.

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CSM VIII Bearing | 17 October, 2007

You might have to replace both entire linear rails, and then realign the axes for orthogonality. It depends on whether they can come up with a rail/slider that has the same height as the existing one. Bummer that NSK has obsoleted that rail design.

I have asked the guy who sold me my machine about the rail assembly from his CSM66. It will be shorter, but the sliders should be the same. I'm pretty sure it was a CSM66 III machine.

The V is not significant to the mechanical details, that is just the vision system. The III is the big difference.

But, my 1306/20 has 4 bearings on the gantry, two bearings on each rail. These bearings look like they might be the same as on your machine. I couldn't find any numbers on the rail, but one of the bearing-sliders has 59-016 stamped into the side of it.

What does Assembleon charge to "register" a machine? (I promise to be sitting down when I read your reply.)


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