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VOC Free Flux

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VOC Free Flux | 5 October, 2007

Is there any one using VOC Free Flux on a Point to Point Soldering machine, How well does it work ? and what Flux works the best, we would be using No-Clean.

Thanks Steve

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VOC Free Flux | 10 October, 2007

We use Indium 1074-EXR on ERSA, and it's performed miracles on our yields.

Spot soldering, like wave, is all about fundamentals. Put just enough flux, preheat to prevent thermal shock and activate the flux, and then solder with enough dwell time to form a nice solder joint.

Residues all depend on your mask and type-of-flux you're using. The Indium 1074 leaves no visible residue. However, in a past life, the Alpha NR330 left lots of white stuff behind for spot soldering. It did okay at wave - it actually won my flux eval. back in the '90s.

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