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Universal Instruments Lightning Heads

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Universal Instruments Lightning Heads | 26 September, 2007

Universal has been producing Lightning pick and place heads for some years now. How are these heads performing these days? Speed, component range, reliability. Who has worked with them?

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Universal Instruments Lightning Heads | 26 September, 2007

So far, So good! We are currently standardizing the Lightning Head Advantis as our chip-shooter.

We only place chip packages, 0201-1206 with the Lightning Head and everything runs great. We performed qualification testing with components up to 20mm square prior to purchasing the machine about 3 years ago and it worked good... the speed is limited if you have a component mix that uses too many different nozzle sizes. (It only changes the nozzles in the head after loading the product, not in production)

Depending on Board Layout and Component Mix, we see CPH numbers around 20K +/- 2.5K

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Universal Instruments Lightning Heads | 27 September, 2007

We have two, about 2.5 years old and 1.5 years old. We run all kinds of parts and get about 18K to 20K CPH. The pick accuracy is fantastic so have saved a lot of $$$$ by not having dump buckets full of parts at the end of runs. I could not be happier with these machines, they run great. We have had to replace two or three spindle modules (about $400.00/ea) which were under warranty anyway and I think only one nozzle that cracked(we use the metal tipped nozzles-I dont think they come standard anymore). Not one single head crash on either machine. We use a fixed feeder bank on the back and since it only does single picks anyway it hardly affects the speed. Try that with in-line spindle machines and see what it does to the speed. Overall a great machine with excellent software.

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