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Fuji Calibration Jig

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Fuji Calibration Jig | 6 September, 2007

I am looking for any information on Fuji Calibration Jigs. I have been working as a feeder repair tech and have a modified jig, but I am looking for any help on buying a jig just made for the CP6 feeders. If anyone could give me a hand with what they have, or have found, and what I should be looking for in a unit would be much help.

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Fuji Calibration Jig | 6 September, 2007

Fuji makes a jig called the all in one jig. It is about 18K I think. It has an LCD display with various other bells and whistles. We use the older style one (from Fuji) that has a microscope on it.

I think SMT Research and a couple other after market companies offer alternatives to the Fuji OEM jigs.

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Fuji Calibration Jig | 13 September, 2007

Whilst in my last job we maintenanced fuji feeders too and purchased a set up jig from alternative machinery. They do a fully intergrated (lcd display) jig which can also be used for panasonic feeders too. Best person to talk to at ALTERNATIVE is LLew Simonds.

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Fuji Calibration Jig | 16 September, 2007

Their is a unit called GAM 20 its a good unit and good price we use them for all our calibrations of feeders.


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Fuji Calibration Jig | 22 September, 2007

We use this too and found that the Jig is very useful. We saved the money in a month, because of our old feeders (250 of them) mis-feed. You adjust and replace the neccesary parts, so that the cross (in the monitor) is in the center of the metal calibration strip tape and it will make your day. We have No relationship nor any benefit from them. /Mika

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Fuji Calibration Jig | 24 September, 2007

We currently have a FeederMaster Fuji calibration Jig for sale. Works in a similar way to the Gam 20 (which is a pretty decent machine itself), if you require any further info then drop me a mail.

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Fuji Calibration Jig | 13 November, 2007

John, I am looking for a good cal jig, you said the Cam20 is great could you send info and where to get this unit. Thanks Denton Roth

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