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AOI side cameras

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AOI side cameras | 4 September, 2007

Does anyone use the side cameras on the YesTech or Mirtec AOI systems? If so, how are you using them? Automated side inspection or as a tool to manually evaluate calls?



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AOI side cameras | 7 September, 2007

Hello James. I've got a YesTech YTV-2050 system at work with one top-down camera, and 1 side-view camera for each of the four sides. I do have the side view cameras being used for automated side inspection. There are some parts with markings that are hard to read using the top-down camera, such as oscillators, and some plastic inductor packages. In addition, I also use the side view cameras to check lead solder banks for bridging/shorts on some of the fine pitch connectors where the legs point almost straight down towards the board.

Although, with some of the plastic inductor packages I mentioned earlier, I have found it easier to just use the top-down camera, and binarize the image. Once you tweak it in, it works great. Less false calls.

What kind of system do you have?

-- Ben T.

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